[wxqc] Failing Baro L3 Spatial Consistency

Miles Bosworth miles.bosworth at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 00:23:55 CDT 2016

I have my software setup correctly, and for long periods of time I get a
99% or 100% Madis quality rating for my barometer data, then it goes
complete FUBAR (the rating not the pressure readings)  Right now it is at
40% for the last 7 day period, yet when I compare my readings with all the
nearby weather stations (not just those on CWOP, but also WU) my readings
are within half a mb or less of the average of the other stations, and
0.01mb different than the airport which is 12 miles away.

Annoying, but I do NOT see it as my problem, and I am tempted to just stop
sending data to CWOP.

On Sun, Jun 26, 2016 at 1:16 AM, Ted Lum <gladstonefamily73.net at tedlum.com>

> It looks like the calibration is probably off. You would enter the current
> MSLP value at you location and the console would correct it's calculations.
> That can be done with Weatherlink or on the console directly. I don't think
> programs like Weather Display have implemented the ability to plug that
> into the console the way weatherlink does.
> On 6/26/2016 12:34 AM, Wayne Thomas wrote:
> On 6/18/2016 9:24 AM, Ted Lum wrote:
> It looks like you may not be sending Altimeter pressure. It also looks
> like the pressure may not be calibrated. Check your software to be sure it
> supports Altimeter pressure and be sure it's configured correctly to do so.
> Then, determine if it needs calibration.
> On 6/18/2016 3:01 AM, Wayne Thomas wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a situation that I would like to correct but have been unable to do
> so. My station which was replaced as part of an upgrade program last fall
> is failing the above mentioned test. I have tried relocation and basically
> everything I can think of except using offsets in the software which I try
> to resist doing as in some cases it only masks a problem.
> Anyway you can see the data here and the accompanying fault description
> *
> <http://weather.gladstonefamily.net/site/C8217?baro_date=2016-06-08#baro>http://weather.gladstonefamily.net/site/C8217?baro_date=2016-06-08#baro
> <http://weather.gladstonefamily.net/site/C8217?baro_date=2016-06-08#baro> *
> Website data is located here
> * <http://www.smythweather.net>http://www.smythweather.net
> <http://www.smythweather.net> *
> The station is a normally aspirated Davis VP2 .  I have had a look at the
> surrounding data and honestly it doesn't look encouraging as to what I need
> to do for a correction to this problem.
> Any suggestions much appreciated !!
> Thanks In Advance For Your Time!
> Regards,
> Wayne
> --
> Hello Ted,
> Just a quick question about this problem I have with the BARO reading.
> Looks like I am still having troubles with the Spatial Consistency Testing
> Looks like I may need to make an offset in the software for calibration..
> kinda surprised that would have to be with a new station and Davis quality
> being good. Anyway let me know what you think and how much offset I need to
> enter if that's the route I need.
> Thanks
> Wayne Thomas
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