[wxqc] Failing Baro L3 Spatial Consistency

Wayne Thomas wayne at smythweather.net
Sun Jun 19 00:12:29 CDT 2016

On 6/18/2016 9:24 AM, Ted Lum wrote:
> It looks like you may not be sending Altimeter pressure. It also looks 
> like the pressure may not be calibrated. Check your software to be 
> sure it supports Altimeter pressure and be sure it's configured 
> correctly to do so. Then, determine if it needs calibration.

Thanks for the information Ted. I'm almost sure that I had the box 
ticked to send Altimeter pressure in Weather Display but I will double 
check things and make sure. Console reading matches the other station I 
have here which is a Vue.

Thanks again, I'll check this and see where it goes from there.


Wayne Thomas

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