[wxqc] Still more weather wise details

Ted Hartson awombat at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 26 08:12:09 CST 2016

I hate troubleshooting something that is intermittent.  Well if you look at
WA8ULG-1 you will see I have had my share of problems with this station.
Maybe just maybe I have finally found it after all  It seems the display
console was the problem while it displayed data looked good and logical data
the stuff that was coming out of the USB was crap. It has fresh batteries
and seems to be what was failing for a long time. I exchanged it and things
started to clear up. The recent APRS uploads now look right. I  am  going to
look inside and see if there is a memory battery or something loose. For a
$100 box it sure has consumed a lot of time. Others ever see this.  Ted
WA8ULG(-1) AT-850.

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