[wxqc] Weather Wise Woes

Ted Hartson awombat at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 21 10:44:36 CST 2016

I have several Weatherwise two of which are AT-849 in Scottsdale AZ and
AT-850 in Flagstaff AZ the FLG units started the behave erratically, I put
the Scottsdale head here in Flg and neglected to turn off the Enable and
totally ticked off CWOP because of a mismatch in location. That is now
resolved. I discovered by using another display that the displays read the
same temperature but the Cumulus program did not, thru out the day the temp
would jump 10-20 twenty degrees which at first suggested an head fault but
now with two displays reading the same I suspected the Computer/program.  I
had reloaded the latest stable version of CUM but no good results. Today I
reloaded yet again and cleaned the USB cable's connectors, at this moment it
seems stable, Yea. Hopefully this will resolve my erratic posts. When the
winds get high, upward of 40 here In N. AZ the rain tips without moisture so
that will probably remain. Finally I noticed a screen saying Battery
Voltage, never seen that before after running this system for 5 years. Today
I see that label is gone from the computer's display---what's up with that.
Just a little tale of the saga of keeping my station(s) running.   Ted
WA8ULG AT-850 Flagstaff AZ

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