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I mean can't and still be considered a good reading. Thirty five degrees 
per hour is just where they drew the line.

   Temporal Consistency Checks
   Dewpoint temperature             35  F/hour
   Sea level pressure               15  mb/hour
   Air temperature                  35  F/hour
   Wind speed                       20 kts/hour
   Soil temperature                  5  F/hour
   Sea surface temperature           9  F/hour

On 10/30/2011 12:46 AM, Victor Engel wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 11:26 PM, Ted Lum
> <gladstonefamily45.net at tedlum.com>  wrote:
>> Not flawed in that sense. It checks for stuck sensors. It checks for bounds;
>> temperature must be between -60 and +130 for example. It checks for Temporal
>> Consistency; temperature can't vary by more than 35 F/hour for example.
> Hmmm. I think I've run into this before, although I didn't have a
> thermometer on me at the time. I was driving home in Duncanville, TX
> from school at Irving (University of Dallas). Going south on Loop 12,
> I hit a burst of cold air that instantly fogged up the windshield. In
> what seemed like a fraction of a second, I couldn't see where I was
> going.
> Spring and summer squalls often have gusts of wind that alternate from
> quite warm to quite cool. This was much more extreme than that. Of
> course, I was traveling from the warm to the cold, but I have no doubt
> the line progressed along the ground fast enough for there to have
> been such a transition. Maybe it wasn't quite 35 degrees, but it sure
> felt like it.
> Victor
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