[wxqc] Rain Sensor With No Moving Parts

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Hi Rich,
Peet Brothers has made a hobby grade "count the drops" unit for at least ten years.  I had one when I used Peet products, and I preferred it to the tipping bucket style units (which I now use).  The major problem with the Peet unit was birds had tendancy to sit on the edge of the unit and when it rained the water washed the droppings down into the guts of the unit where it fouled the fine mesh grids that did the counting.  Perhaps this professional unit actually counts the drops as they pass an "eye" of some sort, eliminating the problem found in the Peet unit.
Tom Hybiske, K3GM (AR824)

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Hi Everyone,
This is the newest product from Colombia Weather Systems.
They integrate an OEM / military grade weather sensor into their weather server.
They measure wind speed and direction using ultrasonic sound and Doppler information.
Now they have added a drum type sensor that counts rain drops as they fall onto the unit.
Given the last round of rain rate calibration discussions, I thought many of you would all find this new device interesting.
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