[wxqc] meteohub and CWOP precip

Steve Valiant cowboys65 at bctonline.com
Sun Oct 23 14:24:58 CDT 2011

I have been using meteohub since August of last year when i bought my 
Right now, meteohub does not do the 24 hour and hourly to CWOP.  Even 
though one of the updates in the past year
says that it should.  I have emailed the meteohub software company about 
this and have yet heard anything
I originally bought the meteoplug from ambient weather, but get updates 
directly from the meteohub publisher
It's an extremely reliable box and other than the rain issue, meteohub 
has been fixing bugs and problems, such as
barometer readings to make them properly compatible with CWOP.
On an interesting note, meteohub does send rain rate per hour to 
I believe we are down to getting everyone who reports to CWOP and has 
meteohub software to request the rain fixes
from the publisher

Steve Valiant

On 10/22/2011 9:54 PM, Mike.Hardiman at noaa.gov wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I recently purchased a Davis Vantage Pro2/FARS setup with Ambient's branded version of Meteohub.  I've been playing around with it for a few days, and finally got around to working with the Meteohub tonight.  Unfortunately, I managed to break 2 U-bolts when attempting to readjust the anemometer and ISS on its mount, so the station was forced indoors when working with meteohub.
> (Note to Randy -- I'll give you a heads-up when DW8512 is ready for prime-time.)
> Anyways, part of my test involved "artificial rainfall."  I noticed that the only precip field updating on findu.com was the Since-Midnight rainfall.  The 1-hr and 24-hr precip fields remained 0.00.  I've noticed this with a handful of other local CWOP stations as well.  As you may know, one of the many shortcomings of MADIS is that they only accept 24hr and 1hr precipitation.
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/wx.cgi?call=DW8512
> I did some web searches and could not find anything about Meteohub not sending these fields to CWOP.
> The Vantage Pro2 console has the latest firmware (1.90) and the Meteohub is also up-to-date.
> On a positive note, it seemed to handle the 10-minute peak "wind gust" correctly.
> -Mike
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