[wxqc] Time and rain issue Weather Underground -- is it correctable and CWOP rain

Randy Collander Randall.S.Collander at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 12 17:41:36 CDT 2011


What you are currently sending to CWOP is your "precipitation since 
local midnight," and not "24 hour precipitation."  The latter is read by 
MADIS; the former is not.  See items #7 and #8 in the CWOP FAQ, 
http://www.wxqa.com/faq.html for more information.


On 10/11/2011 10:16 PM, Steve Valiant wrote:
> After a recent upgrade of my Meteohub software, It somehow decided to 
> send Weather Underground the wrong time
> stamp on data, so alot of rain accumulation was lost.  I found the 
> issue and have corrected it and now at least for today
> whats on my console matches what WU is reporting.   Is there a way to 
> fix past weeks worth of data?
> Also, my meteohub has never sent rain data properly to CWOP.   It 
> sends 24 hour accumulation only so
> that doesnt get past findu.  If anyone has Meteohub, what might be the 
> problem?   I have a Davis Vantage Vue
> with USB connection to the Meteohub sheevaplug mini computer
> Steve Valiant
> DW5586
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