[wxqc] Time and rain issue Weather Underground -- is it correctable and CWOP rain

Steve Valiant cowboys65 at bctonline.com
Tue Oct 11 23:16:52 CDT 2011

After a recent upgrade of my Meteohub software, It somehow decided to 
send Weather Underground the wrong time
stamp on data, so alot of rain accumulation was lost.  I found the issue 
and have corrected it and now at least for today
whats on my console matches what WU is reporting.   Is there a way to 
fix past weeks worth of data?
Also, my meteohub has never sent rain data properly to CWOP.   It sends 
24 hour accumulation only so
that doesnt get past findu.  If anyone has Meteohub, what might be the 
problem?   I have a Davis Vantage Vue
with USB connection to the Meteohub sheevaplug mini computer

Steve Valiant

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