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Thank you for the size correction.


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> ** **
> I noticed there are several people that are trying to calibrate their ****
> Davis**** gauges to a 4”gauge.  Victor referred to the Davis gauge as an
> 8” gauge, it’s not an 8”, it is a 6 ½ inch gauge I have two of the Davis
> tippers on the same post mounted at 5’ above the ground  on two different
> Davis Stations. They rarely have had the same rainfall amount over the three
> years they have been mounted together.  I  had a 8” NWS standard
> non-recording gauge only a few feet away several years ago and had the same
> problem of differences in the amount the tippers recorded and the 8”
> recorded.  ****
> ** **
> I have been a ****Davis**** dealer for 18 years and have talked to their
> engineers on several occasions about these differences.  To check the
> calibration on the ****Davis**** tipper, 5.44 ml equals one tip.  The
> accuracy of the Davis Tipper is +/- 4%, +/- 1 rainfall count between .01”and
> 2.00” per Hour. +/- 5%, +/-1 rainfall count between 2.00” and 4.00” per
> hour.  If you want to be absolutely sure that the **Davis** gauge is
> accurate, you can send it back to ****Davis**** and have it NIST
> certified, or if you are purchasing a new station then request a NIST
> certified rain gauge.  Davis Instruments web site has a page on rain gauge
> calibration, www.davisnet.com.****
> ** **
> Rainfall is extremely variable and can vary in amount over a few feet or
> even inches, this depends on the wind or like of.  The NWS people even admit
> that the tipper is sometimes not accurate in high rainfall rates or high
> wind.  If a tipper is mounted on a post that can be shaken by the wind there
> will false tips and inaccurate rainfall readings.  Mounting and siteing of a
> rain gauge is very important, NOAA has several publications on  the proper
> siting or weather instruments.****
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