[wxqc] Replacing WeatherLink

Michael Andrews zalmor64 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 07:46:47 CST 2008

Kevin Smolkowski wrote:
> Is there any other software (linux based freeware) that can read the
> data from a Davis
> Vantage Pro2 other than WeatherLink?
>   Although I don't have any major issues with WeatherLink, it would be
> nice to have some additional features like the ability to add snowfall
> and run a screen saver.   I have a cheap computer that is dedicated to
> running just WeatherLink.  With an automated reboot every night it
> seems to work pretty well for the last three years.
> Kevin Smolkowski,  C9803 
I believe Weather Display has a Linux version also, might want to check
at their website.

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