[wxqc] Wind Gusts on Console v. WL

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Seems like many months ago this discussion came up.  First, here?s my
set-up:  I have Davis WMII and WeatherLink 5.8.1.  I upload two
profiles...one on 15 min intervals which goes to CWOP and the other profile
on 5 minute intervals to my web site HYPERLINK
"http://www.jacksonweather.net/"www.jacksonweather.net.   Here?s the issue:
apparently when I get a peak gust during data download (which I only do in
the 15 min interval), the console of course catches it, but WL does not.  I
figured that with the very next download, it would have the peak wind from
the console.  Example:  today WL shows peak wind of 29 and the console 33.
(I?m talking about the peak gust for the day).  Need some insight to this
frustrating issue. 

Eddie Holmes-CW4199

I have the same problem with my Davis VP2 using Weatherlink 5.8.2.  When the program is uploading data to CWOP, it stops receiving and displaying data from the logger.  I have the Weatherlink IP version and this appears to be a problem with the program itself.  I have a Davis Wireless Envoy connected directly to the router and a dedicated PC running Weatherlink, which receives the data through my home network (router)and uploads to CWOP every 10 minutes.  The data going to the Davis Weatherlink site DOES show the missing data, so the problem looks to be with the software. I emailed Davis about this.  Hopefully, they'll fix it in the future.  At least the archived data in the logger is accurate!

Jerry - DW1653 

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