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what is your CWOP id?

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> Hi all,
>    For the past week or 10 days, I've been trying to "chase the graphs" 
> which I know is not what is the QC analysis is for, or for it to be used 
> as a guide.  Some time back, I began noticing my alt readings were getting 
> out of line, and initially, I thought it was due to some other stations 
> not reporting on a regular basis, as well as a few being really whacked 
> out of line with the spatial analysis.  I've tried to adjust my alt 
> reading to match KDNL, which is a few miles from my location, but our 
> elevations are very close.  At first, I was reading about 1mb low compared 
> to the analysis, so I tweaked the console about 1mb up, thinking that 
> should put me very close to KDNL's readings.  After seeing my std 
> deviation and mean errors continue to climb, I started bringing it back 
> down.  I thought I had things more or less in sync with DNL, but alas, 
> over the last few days, I've seen changes to the contrary.  Can some of 
> you who have access to the spatial analysis comparisons give me a hint as 
> to who or what station(s) are messing with the analysis?  I'm getting very 
> frustrated because I don't seem to be able to discern which one(s) are 
> causing the problems.  After 2+ years of rock solid observations, then to 
> have obs that appear to change with every cycle, I've been tempted to just 
> drop the whole bucket of rocks and just use the data I collect for my own 
> uses.  I've not eliminated hardware problems, but after such a drastic 
> change in reliability after several years of use, it just does not sound 
> right that hardware would cause the problems.
>    Hint:  Gerry, if you have access to Patti's spatial comparisons, can 
> you peek at who I'm compared with for the past several days, and Patti, if 
> you have the time, likewise, or any of you who can help determine what is 
> going on?
> Sam
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