[wxqc] Assistance Request

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Fri Dec 26 18:30:40 CST 2008

Hi all,

    For the past week or 10 days, I've been trying to "chase the graphs" 
which I know is not what is the QC analysis is for, or for it to be used 
as a guide.  Some time back, I began noticing my alt readings were 
getting out of line, and initially, I thought it was due to some other 
stations not reporting on a regular basis, as well as a few being really 
whacked out of line with the spatial analysis.  I've tried to adjust my 
alt reading to match KDNL, which is a few miles from my location, but 
our elevations are very close.  At first, I was reading about 1mb low 
compared to the analysis, so I tweaked the console about 1mb up, 
thinking that should put me very close to KDNL's readings.  After seeing 
my std deviation and mean errors continue to climb, I started bringing 
it back down.  I thought I had things more or less in sync with DNL, but 
alas, over the last few days, I've seen changes to the contrary.  Can 
some of you who have access to the spatial analysis comparisons give me 
a hint as to who or what station(s) are messing with the analysis?  I'm 
getting very frustrated because I don't seem to be able to discern which 
one(s) are causing the problems.  After 2+ years of rock solid 
observations, then to have obs that appear to change with every cycle, 
I've been tempted to just drop the whole bucket of rocks and just use 
the data I collect for my own uses.  I've not eliminated hardware 
problems, but after such a drastic change in reliability after several 
years of use, it just does not sound right that hardware would cause the 

    Hint:  Gerry, if you have access to Patti's spatial comparisons, can 
you peek at who I'm compared with for the past several days, and Patti, 
if you have the time, likewise, or any of you who can help determine 
what is going on?



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