[wxqc] wxqc Digest, Vol 50, Issue 20

Rich Mulvey rich at mulveyfamily.com
Sat Dec 20 22:13:19 CST 2008

A.J deLange wrote:
> RE:
>>> My Anemometer froze up today during the ice storm and is therefore not
>>> sending correct data.  Anyone know of a way to keep this from 
>>> happening in
>>> the future?
> I'd say this means that water has gotten in where it shouldn't have 
> and frozen. Obviously the first step is to get that water out. Blowing 
> it out with compressed air may work if you can disassemble it without 
> damaging it  to the point where you can direct an air stream at it. 
> Another idea might be to subject it to warm temperature over a period 
> of time in the hopes that the moisture will evaporate. Clearly you'd 
> want warm dry air for this so perhaps put the rotor part (with cups 
> removed) in a jar with dessicant in a warm place.
> Presumably the unit should have been sealed against this kind of 
> incursion so it seems likely that there is a defective seal or seals 
> involved here. Identifying and replacing any defective seals will have 
> to be done or this problem will just reoccur.

   Well, the OP said it froze up during an ice storm.  It's far more 
likely that ice simply accumulated on the exterior and caused the 
aneometer to seize up. 

- Rich

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