[wxqc] wxqc Digest, Vol 50, Issue 12

A.J deLange ajdel at cox.net
Tue Dec 16 09:46:52 CST 2008


On Dec 15, 2008, at 13:00, wxqc-request at lists.gladstonefamily.net wrote:

> You might try unitednuclear.com

That's not a bad suggestion but unfortunately, as you may know, those  
folks were the victims of a dawn raid by the USG because they were  
selling sulfur (which you can buy in any hardware store), magnesium  
powder etc. They are still in business and determined as ever but they  
don't sell barometers. They do still have mercury available (at  
hideous prices though). When you think  how much basic science is tied  
up in a simple barometer and ponder the consequences of denying future  
generations access to this excellent teaching tool because of the  
ignorance of bureaucrats you shouldn't be surprised that the US now  
ranks 18th or 19th with respect to the scientific capabilities of our  
young people. Will we continue to lead the world in technology into  
the future?

BTW, I'm not seeking a barometer for myself. Fortunately I bought one  
before Princo was driven out of the business. Yes, I can compare what  
my station reports relative to the nearby airports, other stations and  
the QC data but the only instrument I really, really trust is that  
mercury barometer. It doesn't lead me astray if a chip or the network  
fails or if someone has reversed digits in a constant in some piece of  

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