[wxqc] Humidity Jumps Normal?

Derek McIntyre N4DBM derek.mc at att.net
Wed Dec 10 19:44:40 CST 2008

Hello Group,
I have been fighting with my humidity sensor for a while now.  I kept it off line for several days in a room with fourteen - yes, 14 certified hygrometers used in the agricultural field, all reading withing 0.5 % of each other, and calibrated my humidity sensor with these hygrometers (my original humidity calibration was only 1.2% high on average).  I thought I had a problem because I kept getting readings at random like in the picture attached.  My station (blue) had jumped up and back down very quickly while the average (red) stays fairly smooth.  Is this in any way a possible weather phenomenon or does it look like a sensor problem?  I have repeatedly tested all cables, voltages on the sensor, everything you can imagine.  Take a look at my attached pic - any comments or answers welcome.

Derek AS593 N4DBM-2

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