[wxqc] Analysis issues

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Wed Dec 3 20:39:18 CST 2008

Folks, I've been pretty consistent for the past 3 years of reporting, 
and lately, I'm seeing issues not only with altimeter, but temps both 
day and night.  I try to keep abreast of new stations reporting and how 
they fare against the analysis, but alas, I can not pinpoint any station 
that reports regularly that would adversely affect my readings vs. the 
analysis.  I don't normally ask for assistance to figure out anomaly's, 
but this time, I've checked everything I can find to ascertain the 
problem.  I've apparently lost Patti's address, as I know she can tell 
me who was used in the comparison for any given time.  AFAIK, nothing 
has changed with the equipment, and I did actually calibrate the temp 
sensor to my NOAA sling psychrometer thermometers, and we are within .1 
degree near as I can tell.  I'm seeing tonight, a 0.8mb error vs a 0.4mb 
std dev.  Temps have been very wild lately as well, usually sometime 
after noon most days.

Pointers welcome, and if Patti is reading, can you contact me offline 
for assistance?



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